1993 Cadillac Allante Paint Codes

A 1993 Cadillac Allante buyer had 10 choices of color, each with one or more paint codes assigned. You needn’t go on a journey through dark, oily, greasy spaces to find your Allante’s paint code. Located on a metallic label, identified as the parts identification sticker, inside the trunk’s spare-tire wheel well, you’ll see the words “Service Parts Identification Do Not Remove” at the top of the label. The label’s last entry begins with the letters “BC/CC,” a reference to the base color and clear coat on your Allante. The letter “U” farther to the right on the label and followed by four numbers, identifies the upper color on two-tone 1993 Allantes. The lower color was specified by the letter “L” followed by a four-digit paint code.

Subdued Caddy Colors

  • In keeping with Cadillac’s dignified image, the paint colors for the 1993 Allante were restrained. Euro Red was identified by paint codes 47, 9547 and WA9547. Euro White and Euro White White were both signified by paint codes 55, 9868 and WA9868. Pearl Red, darker than Euro Red, carried the paint codes 84, 9976 and WA9976. Dark Polo Green Metallic’s paint codes were 91, 9529 and WA9529. If your paint codes were 41, 9588 or WA9588, your Allante was black. Champagne Metallic’s paint codes were 38, 9633 and WA 9633. Blue Green Metallic’s paint codes were 29, 9985 and WA9985 and Pearl Flux’s codes were 04, 9818 and WA9818. Opaque White was coded as 09, 9879 and WA9879.