Coolant Capacity of a 2000 Ford E-450 7.3L Engine

The Ford E-450 was not a van that you could simply walk into a dealership, lump down some cash and drive off of the lot. Rather, this was a “cutaway” van that only had the front cab and frame, and buyers could fit the back end to suit their business. The optional 7.3-liter diesel engine added some much-needed torque to help get the extra weight the buyer added to the chassis moving, but it did require a lot of coolant when compared to a gasoline engine.

Coolant Type and Capacity

  • The 2000 Ford E-450 with the 7.3-liter diesel engine requires 30 quarts – 7.5 gallons – of engine coolant. If yours E-450 has an auxiliary heating system, this capacity increases to 32.6 quarts – 8.15 gallons. Ford recommends using Ford Premium Cooling System Fluid, or an equivalent coolant meeting Ford specification ESE-M97B44-A, and clean water at a 50-50 ratio.