Recommended Oil for a Mitsubishi Galant 2002

In 1999, Mitsubishi ushered in a new generation for the Galant, as it completely restyled the sedan’s body and added a V-6 engine for the first time. Then in 2002, Mitsubishi slightly revised this generation of Galant, giving it more premium-looking front and rear fascias. The V-6 and four-cylinder engines in the 2002 Galant share the same oil type and capacity. Adding the wrong type of oil to the Galant’s engine can lead to decreased performance and lowered fuel economy.

Oil Type

  • Mitsubishi recommends using 5W-30 engine oil in the 2002 Galant’s V-6 and four-cylinder engines. Both engines also require 4.5 quarts of oil to fill the crankcase and the oil filter.