Where Is the Cabin Air Filter Located for a Toyota Camry 01?

As the nation’s best-selling sedan, it’s hard to imagine Toyota’s Camry as anything less than well-equipped. And early 2000 Camrys were no exception. In fact, the Camry could be equipped with an optional cabin air filter, something considered de rigueur by today’s auto market, to strain out allergens from the air conditioning system. This filter, if equipped, is installed within the AC evaporator unit concealed within the center console. Like any other filter, the cabin air filter can clog and accumulate a nasty collection of particulates that can trap strange odors and reduce the AC’s performance. Removing and replacing the filter, despite its hidden mounting location, is easy to do.

Things You’ll Need

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Masking tape

  • Open the driver-side door and pull the carpeting back from the foot well, moving from the door to the accelerator pedal near the center console. Pop out the heater cover door from the side of the center console, using a flat-head screwdriver wrapped in masking tape.

  • Locate the long, rectangular filter cover from the evaporator unit in the center console. Pop the cover off of the unit, then pull the cabin air filter out of the unit.

  • Hold the new cabin air filter against the evaporator unit, with the arrows imprinted on the filter pointing into the unit. Push the filter into place and reinstall the filter cover.

  • Reinstall the heater cover door and push the carpeting into place in the driver-side foot well.